Please join us live on BlogTalkRadio using the link below this Friday at 6PM Central Time.  We will examine and dissect Daniel’s 70 week prophecy from the book of Daniel.  This prophecy is used today to justify the widely accepted Christian doctrine that there will be 7 years of tribulation that begins with the rapture of the saints (who will avoid the tribulation), and ends with the return of Jesus.  You will see after a close examination of this prophecy and the biblical testimony that not only is there no distinct 7 years of tribulation, but there is also no secret rapture.  This testimony will reveal that the saints will in fact have to endure the end of days tribulation (a length of time that is undetermined though will be “shortened” according to Jesus so that all flesh doesn’t perish).  We hope you can tune in to examine all of the evidence available.   

Daniels 70 Weeks Prophecy and The Rapture 04/05 by Youth For Truth USA | Blog Talk Radio.

UPDATE: We are unable to make this live broadcast Friday 04/05, but will post a Podcast on this subject soon.  Thank you in advance for your understanding!